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The Best 8 Laptop Stand

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Having a good laptop stand can help you whether you want to move to a standing desk in your office workplace, or want to reduce eye strain and neck pain while sitting down by having your laptop directly in front of you. When it comes time to buy the best laptop stand, don’t just purchase the first laptop stand that you see.

There are several features that separate the best laptop stands from the bad laptop stands, and you need to know about them before you go about making your decision. This article is going to share the eight best laptop stands for both the house and office, and tell you exactly what makes this laptop stands the best bang for your buck. Let’s get started with the best laptop stands!

1. Adjustable Laptop Stand

This laptop stand does exactly what it says on the tin, it’s an adjustable stand that can work for you no matter your situation. The Adjustable Laptop Stand is designed to move in any height and angle configuration that you want, making sure you are sitting ergonomically and with the best posture possible at the office.

Unlike other laptop stands that have tools and gears to maneuver the height, all you need to do is push and pull to make sure that the stand works for you. It is made from an aluminum alloy and can support up to 13 pounds without any wobbling or other problems. No matter what you do in life or where you need it, this stand is going to be there for you!


  • Sturdy Aluminum Alloy Construction
  • Foldable and portable
  • Can be Adjusted with simple pushes and pulls

2. Soundance Laptop Stand Aluminum Computer Riser

If you have a laptop that is 10 to 15.6 inches in width, then you have a compatible laptop with the Soundance Laptop Stand Aluminum Computer Riser. The stand is very sturdy and made from aluminum alloy, and it also has rubber feet that secure the stand to the desktop. Despite the level of security the stand offers, it is still portable and can work with you on the go when you sit to stand at the office!

It also has an ergonomic and heat-friendly design, allowing for the hot air of your laptop to be vented away and your laptop to be perfectly elevated to eye level as you work. No more being hunched over your keyboard and mouse during the workday!


  • Comes in three parts for easy assembly and disassembly
  • Comes with the cooling of your laptop in mind
  • Very sturdy and secure with rubber feet.

3. Laptop Stand Adjustable

This laptop stand comes with several features in addition to elevating your laptop. For example, it has a phone holder that can be at the same angle as your laptop, showing you your screen monitor without any trouble or need to look away from your computer. The laptop stands can be adjusted to eight heights, giving you the perfect position to work without neck pain at your office desk.

It is very durable, as well, and comes with non-slip rubber pads to keep your laptop in place while you work. The stand is compatible with any laptop in the 10-15.6 inch range and can support up to 44 pounds of weight. Finally, the laptop stands have a rotatable bottom design that functions like a turntable, which makes it easy to rotate the computer on your desk to show others what you need them to see.


  • Hollow design for easy cooling
  • Phone holder
  • 5 adjustable heights so you can find your perfect one.

4. Nulaxy Laptop Stand

This laptop stand offers several advantages to you as an office desk worker, with the first being an ergonomic design that elevates your laptop to seven inches and keeps the monitor at eye level. This helps to fix your posture automatically and keeps you working. As is the norm for this list, it is also made from aluminum alloys and can support up to 22 pounds of weight. It also has rubber pads on the surface as well.

It also contains an open back design to provide some airflow and heat ventilation to ensure that your computer can not overheat, even after long hours of use. It’s an all-around good ergonomic laptop stand if you want to use your computer for long periods of time, and your posture should thank you!


  • Made from a premium aluminum alloy
  • Able to be disassembled and reassembled with three basic parts
  • Able to keep your laptop cool

5. Urmust Laptop Notebook Stand Holder

If you want one of the most ergonomically comfortable laptop stands yet, then this is the one for you. This stand can easily and continuously move from 0 to 90 degrees to give you the best angle for your work and play. You’ll be able to use your keyboard and mouse without straining your hands! The aluminum alloy is designed to be both delicate and hollow, without compromising the strength of the stand. The ergonomic laptop stands can support up to 8.8 pounds and has rubber on the bottom to prevent stability issues on your desk.

The laptop stand is also foldable and comes with a handle for easy carrying, and it also comes with a storage groove in the bottom which is something that we don’t see a lot of. You can place USBs, pens, your wireless mouse, your keyboard, and various other items below your laptop stands when they are not in use at your desk.


  • Easy access storage area
  • Foldable and designed to be portable
  • Can go from 0-90 degrees

 6. SOQOOL Laptop Stand For Desk

This ergonomic laptop stand is very unique in its look. Rather than being a very large stand it takes the simpler approach and only elevates your laptop by 2.6 inches. It is surprisingly effective, and even that small boost is enough to raise your laptop to the perfect eye level in order to relieve the pressure on your hands and wrists. Big results come in small packages, and this proves it!

The stand is simple and comes with rubber inlets to prevent unnecessary sliding around and movement while working at your desk, so you won’t need to worry about your laptop slipping from your hands while typing or using your mouse. It was also designed for immediate cooling in order to keep your laptop from overheating.


  • Triangle support design for your laptop
  • The Laptop Stands are made from aluminum alloys
  • Maintains your posture at an optimum level

7. Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand

This adjustable laptop stand raises your screen to promote better ergonomics with nearly a 6-inch boost. It’s not adjustable, but six inches should be enough to get the job done. It also comes with a tilt design that keeps your screen close to you. It also has a cable organizer in the back, preventing you from having to deal with cables and other problems coming out from behind your laptop. That feature in itself is nearly worth the price of the laptop stands without question!

It also has a single-piece aluminum design that not only is sturdy and supportive but also helps to act as a heatsink to cool the laptop down during long periods of use at your standing desk.


  • Single piece aluminum design
  • 6 inches of extra ergonomic height to your laptop
  • An effective cable organizer sits in the back.

8. Laptop Stand with Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

This height-adjustable ergonomic computer stand comes with 9 eye-level choices for you to make the perfect adjustment to your computer. With the right adjustment, the problems with your posture should fall away with these laptop stands! The stand has built-in legs with rubber tips to keep it steady and even comes with two phone holders to give you easy access.

The laptop stands also allows your computer to cool down and more easily ventilate, while also being made of high-quality material that supports up to 22 pounds of weight. Finally, it comes with silicone pads on the holder to keep your computer in place, preventing it from slipping or getting out of place while typing at your standing desk.


  • Sturdy construction that can support any laptop up to 17 inches
  • Able to vent heat and keep the computer cool
  • 9 different height settings


Final Thoughts On The Best Laptop Stands

If you need an adjustable laptop stand to improve your posture or just to make standing up on the job a little easier, you need to look for one thing: adjustability. If the laptop stand is adjustable and allows you to make changes, it should be one you consider purchasing. You need to make changes at first once you get started with the laptop stand, and you might even need to make changes throughout the workday at the office.

Getting an adjustable stand is something that you need to do, and everything else afterward depends on your needs from the best laptop stand. Once you find the perfect one that works for you though, you won’t go back to having your’s flat on a desk! 

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