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How to Adjust Arms on Crossford Ergonomic Office Chair

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Adjust Arms On Crossford

Using ergonomic office chairs is the best way to combat posture-related issues such as neck and back pain. However, the armrest is usually taken for granted. There are many reasons why you should know how to adjust your armrest, especially if you have a desk-bound job. One of these is that armrests provide support for your hands and arms. It guides the hands and arms into a relaxed and comfortable position, reducing the muscle tension that occurs when they’re not in a proper position. 

Armrests also help reduce shoulder and neck pain, the most common problem for those who sit in front of a computer all day. Aside from this, armrests can help you maintain good posture. Using the armrests will help you get up faster as it reduces the hip force you need to stand up. 

However, you can only enjoy these benefits if the armrests are designed to match your height. If the armrests are too low or too high, they can hinder your movements. That’s why you should learn how to adjust your armrests so that you can always sit in the right sitting position and stay comfortable all day. If you have a Crossford Ergonomic Office Chair, here’s how you can adjust your armrests to match your height.

Tips for Adjusting Your Armrests

Your armrests should be high enough that they’re level with the desk. You also need to make sure that your armrests are low enough that they can go under your desk when required. To do this, you need to know the amount of space you have under the desk. For example, non-adjustable desks are usually 29 inches tall. 

Width adjustability is also important when it comes to armrests. Your elbows must be directly under the shoulders when sitting. You should be able to move the armrests farther away from or closer to your torso without any problem. That way, your shoulders will be supported. Pivoting armrests can be moved inward or angled outward to make a “v” shape. 

The Crossford Ergonomic Office Chair has armrests that can be moved inward or out as well as up or down. The chair has a tilt mechanism that keeps the armrests in place. The synchro-tilt mechanism of the chair allows you to adjust the seat depth for optimal support. The chair back is also height-adjustable. Moreover, the seat and chair back have a breathable mesh that helps reduce hot spots and circulate air. Since the chair has pivoting armrests, you only need to know how to adjust them. Here’s how.

  1. Adjust the height of the workstation so that the elbows form a right (90⁰) angle while you’re sitting. Your hands should be resting on your workstation. 
  2. Keep both feet flat on the ground. Slide the fingers between the edge of the chair and the thigh. There must be around a finger’s width between the chair and the thigh.
  3. Clench the fist, then pass it between the back of the calf and the chair. The clearance between your calves (lower part of your legs) and the front edge of your seat should be about 2 inches or 5 centimeters or the size of a clenched fist. This will help you check whether the depth of your chair is correct or not.
  4. Move the backrest up and down as well as backward and forward so that it perfectly fits the small of the back. That way, the chair can provide the best support for the back.
  5. The armrests should barely touch the elbows when they’re at a right (90⁰) angle or when you’re resting your hands on the computer keyboard or desktop. If the armrests are too high, you will be forced to position the arms awkwardly. You should be able to swing your arms freely. Resting the arms on the armrest while typing will prevent normal arm movement. It will also strain your fingers. 


Aside from adjusting the arms on your Crossford Ergonomic Office Chair, you should also learn how to maintain proper posture. Avoid crossing your legs as it may take several posture-related problems such as pelvic tilt and shoulder arthroplasty. Always keep your feet flat on the ground. You should also keep your back straight. 

Avoid sitting for extended periods. Get up and move around every hour to stretch a bit and keep your body comfortable all day. You should also avoid sitting in the same position for extended periods. Also, make sure that your chair is adjusted perfectly to your body. If it’s not, you won’t be able to maximize the effectiveness and comfort offered by the chair. 

Adjusting the arms on your Crossford Ergonomic Office Chair will make a lot of difference in your overall health and comfort. Although different office jobs require various layouts, equipment, and accessories, the chair as well as its adjustments should stay the same to keep you comfortable all day.

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