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Ergonomic Office Chair Under $200

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Finding the best ergonomic office chairs for under $200 is no easy task. Given how many people are working in an office space, whether in a building or at home, it’s no surprise that the price of these chairs is through the roof.

They’re more than worth it, though. A quality desk chair with adjustable lumbar support is going to be the difference between having back pains when you’re older and not.

An ergonomic office chair is going to help support you while you work, keeping your posture correct and your spine straight. This is going to help your body maintain its natural stance, which actually helps you age better, look better, and feel more confident in yourself.

Everyone wants that, but not everyone can afford to spend $600 on an office chair. That’s why we’ve put together eight of the best ergonomic office chairs you can get right now for under $200.

HYLONE Big and Tall Office Chair

The HYLONE Big and Tall is the first of the office chairs under $200 that we’re looking at. This desk chair features a full back lumbar support, giving you better support than an ergonomic office chair that doesn’t have a headrest.

The heavy-duty, high-density adjustable seat is comfortably cushioned, and the back of this mesh office chair is eco-friendly and breathable. It’s got a full 360-degree swivel, is height adjustable, and has adjustable armrests that can flip up at 90 degrees.

The build quality of this HYLONE chair is remarkable considering the price range that it falls under.

Everything from the lumbar system to the adjustable headrest has been designed with support in mind.

Its mesh back makes it perfect for long hours in the office, providing you with cool and comfortable mid-back support.


AJS Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs have been doing supportive designs before the office world caught on. Given how long professional gamers are sitting each day, these chairs have been built with ergonomic features ingrained into them, along with comfort that allows for 10 plus hours of continuous work.

The AJS Gaming Chair is one of the best budget gaming chairs we’ve seen, making it one of the best budget comfort chairs we’ve seen.

The AJS uses a seat cushion lumbar support design to help keep your lower back and neck supported. This system of lumbar support isn’t as effective as more complicated examples seen in higher-priced chairs, but it is the most comfortable way a seat can also help to support your spine.

If you suffer from back pain, this chair is going to help relieve that with its seat and back comfort combination and support.

Modway Mesh Black

Ergonomic chairs are generally broken into two categories. On the one hand, you have the high-seat models that give your full-body support. On the other, you have half-back ergonomic designs intended to target lower back pain without supporting your neck or head. This chair comes with the latter.

This budget office chair type comes with a number of advantages over the big and tall variety, however. The mesh back that is common on this seat height allows the chair to remain breathable, making it a perfect mesh chair option for a hot home office.

Compared to large leather office chairs, this is going to take up less space and keep you feeling fresh in your home office during summer.

It does all of this while still providing built-in lumbar support for your back, making it a compact option compared to larger ergonomic chair models out there.

Smugdesk Ergonomic Chair

The Smugdesk is very much a full back support office chair. It’s also the most cost-effective chair under $200 that we’ve managed to find.

It uses a cushion to provide back support and comes with a fully customizable seat height adjustment. It also has breathable mesh material that goes all the way up into the headrest.

You can pick this chair up for less than $100. You can’t expect the world’s best office chair for that price, but it is an office chair under $200 that is more than worth the money.

IDS Home Executive Chair

Executive chair models aren’t for everyone. The lack of adjustable arms or an armrest makes some office people overlook the design, as does the smaller frame. However, this is one of the best office chairs you can get for an affordable price anywhere.

The IDS Home take on the executive chair is a clear-cut example of why an executive chair is such a good investment.

It’s easy to assemble; the chair comes with PU leather upholstery and has a thick padded cushion that has a comfortable level of seat depth.

The chair also has a high weight capacity of upwards of 300 pounds.

If you’re looking for an office desk chair that is as stylish as it is comfortable, this is your only pick.

OFM Essentials Faux Leather Racing Chair

This is not going to be the desk chair for everyone. It’s a leather desk chair that looks bulky, and some people might not like that.

For those that do, though, you’re getting a budget ergonomic leather desk chair that has a fully customizable tilt lock and tilt tension, a comfortable seat designed for long work days, and the chair comes with a contoured cushion design to maximize comfort.

It doesn’t have an overly scientific approach to lumbar support, but the cushions are more than enough for the price point that this chair is at.

If you’re a fan of leather office chair designs, then this is going to be one of the best office chairs under $200 that you’re going to find.

Tribesigns Ergonomic Office Chair

This office chair best stands out as an example of a full-body ergonomic office chair that isn’t overly bulky. It has a breathable mesh back that lets you stay cool while you work, unlike a lot of the best office chair options of the same type.

For an office chair under $200, this comes with a surprisingly well put together lumbar support and neck system seen on some of the best ergonomic office chair models at twice this price.

It’s a simple but effective design that makes it a premium chair choice for anyone looking at function over form.

HYLONE Office Chair

This is the second HYLONE chair to feature on this list, and it’s also arguably the best ergonomic office chair that we’re going to look at today.

This chair goes for under $200 and features a complicated lumbar system that is seen on chairs that reach upwards of $500.

It’s a well-built and comfortable model that more than justifies the price tag, which reaches up to the high $100s.

Out of all the chair options we’ve included on this list, this is the best chair overall. It blends a comfortable seat cushion with a low back lumbar mesh support system that makes it as effective as it is comfortable, something which is rare for budget chair models.

Best Office Chairs Under $200

When we were looking for chairs for under $200, we wanted to make sure that we balanced both performance and comfort.

A lot of budget chairs either give you one or the other. The chair is either good for your back or it’s comfortable; you rarely get the best of both worlds.

We made sure to find options that didn’t sacrifice in either department. We wanted to present you with budget-affordable options that were well-built chairs and not just an example of the manufacturer stripping features away until it started to make a profit.

The eight chairs we’ve covered here are far from the only options out there, though.

Ergonomic design has become massive these last few years. With more people working from home, there has never been a larger focus on quality office design than there is now.

If you’ve been considering an ergonomic chair for a while, now’s the time to get one. We’re currently in a golden age for ergonomics, so take advantage of that while you can.

The Best Office Chair for Those on a Budget

The best office chair for you, if you’re on a budget, is one that you like. You can do all the research in the world, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t like the chair you’re buying.

Make sure you take your time and shop around. Don’t let other people dissuade you from getting the chair you want to. So, as long as you read up on the chairs you’re looking at and don’t make ill-informed purchases; you’re going to be able to put together an ergonomic office in no time.

Wrap Up

That’s all we’ve got for you.

The world of office chairs is massive, and it only grows with each passing day. There are constantly new and improved lumbar systems being developed and implemented on chairs, so keep an eye out for any developments.

As new and improved models come out, the previous chair generations are going to go down in value. When this happens, you’re going to be able to get a chair upgrade at a massively discounted price.

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